Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day One

Ok so my first day. It might be hard but it is all worth it in the end ... -hopefully- It might be a hard day though because of the fact my brother and I are trading rooms, So I wont be able to speak when my parents "help" me move my stuff around. For some reason I feel like every one is mad at me, but what ever this is my choice and it's nothing bad, so they should understand , but they don't. I'm to tired to finish this, I'll do it later , hahaha.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rules Of My Vow.

  1. No Talking `ofcorse`
  2. No Grunting
  3. No humming/singing
  4. No "nuhuh", "Uhuh" things
  5. Limit to texting
  6. Limit to emails
  7. No Lip Moving to try to make out words
  8. The ONLY person I will speak to is Victoria Sanzone, and There will be NO ONE to hear my voice.
  9. I will NOT give into temptations or bets to make this some kind of game , This is a goal for me to reach.
  10. The ONLY time I will speak will be at school to my teachers ONLY.

The Night Before Day #1

The night before I take my official vow of silence. My parents are not aware I am proceeding with this choice in life. But I am just waiting for the morning when I put the paper on my bed room door stating I have taken the vow. I have told my mother a few months ago I was planning on doing it. She laughed and thought I was joking. I nearly never really speak to the people I live with anyways so I don't intend on it being that difficult. I know at times I will really want to talk, But I'll just pull out a small note book instead. My parents will try to force me to talk, But they can't. It's my voice, and I will do what I want with it. That is the basic point I am trying to prove to the people surrounding me. A difficult thing though is, my brother I have not seen in over eight years is moving in with my family. But to be perfectly honest. I have nothing to say to any one,anymore.

My Cause.

My name is Makayla Jane Mendes. I am a thirteen year old girl. Right now I am to the max of stressed and I just need time to relax. I need to get back in tact with my inner self. I have been through allot of crap lately and I am very upset with a few people in my life right now. The people who I need the most have been pushing me away. So I am taking a Vow Of Silence until people learn to treat me like a human. (:
The second reason is I am trying to find my inner religion. I want to become more peaceful and less violent. I need to find my peaceful side instead of yelling and fighting with any one who upsets me. I think it will all be best :)